Color photographs and minerals (stilbite, cavansite, apophyllite)
45 x 200 x 8 cm

Twenty-two kilos of mineral stones, mainly Stilbite, Apophylitte and Chalcedony, make up the material for performances in spaces with water from natural sources, where the physical qualities of water are investigated, and its behaviour, movement, refraction of light, genetic memory, energy etc.
In the display case 22 kilos photographic documents and stones have been installed that refer to the place, actions and performances carried out there in a site-no site operation, the place no longer exists as such and in the exhibition the stones and photographs refer to this.


MURGILKETAK. VIAJES DE JUNG. Ganbara Exhibitions Hall KM, Koldo Mitxelena kulturunea, San Sebastián


“Pilar Soberón, Murgilketak. Viajes de Jung”. (2017). Texts: J. San Martín and P. Soberón. San Sebastián: Koldo Mitxelena KMK