Cast bronze
275 x 100 x 70 cm

Aeolus has left a trail of life from the Basque Country to Wiesbaden. The Schwalbacher Straße, where the Kunstsommer Festival 2014 was held, seemed to be lined by a winged seed made of bronze, Aeolia’s Park (2014), caught in its flight towards this area where it could be lodged and germinate. The place chosen stresses the need to bring together both Turkish and German cultures. This is why the work refers to the plasticity of movement, passage and mutation, conditions that are inherent to vegetable and animal living beings. So it seems as if the God Aeolius had stopped blowing and the golden seed were brought to a halt in a winding movement through space where it emerges as a reference point.


AEOLIA’S PARK, Kurk Park (Park Strabe), Kulturamt Wiesbaden K.D.ö.R. (Germany). / KUNSTSOMMER FESTIVAL, BUILDING 9 BRIGE, Skulpturenparcours, Wiesbaden, (Germany).


"Wiesbadener Kustsommer 2014 Sculpturenparcours", Kulturamt der Landeshausptstadt Wiesbaden, Interessengemainschft der Galerien in Wiesbaden. / “Tiempo entrópico Pilar Soberon. Obras 2012-2016”. (2016). San Sebastián: Cultura y Política Lingüística Dept., EJ-GV.