Photography, alabaster and video
dimensions variable

Once again the idea of entropy appears in work with snow and alabaster; so, an action that I carried out in a snow-covered landscape and alabaster as a stratum of time through the pieces, S/T (Holt), S/T (Smithson), and S/T (Hesse)(2018) converge in the Disertar (2018) installation. The action in the snow happened on completing the theoretical research for my doctoral thesis and after defending this, the event took place on the vibrant white canvas of nature, so that the time of the forms gave way to the forms of time. As a result, Disertar emerged in an abstract landscape where this experimental action and land-art series was created, in a dialectic between the ephemeral and eternity.


ALDERANZTEAK. DISERTACIONES EN EL ESPACIO. Vanguardia Gallery, Bilbao / PLASTIC ARTS GRANT, Basque Institute Etxepare, EJ-GV. / Selected at 56. ED. CERTAMEN BIENNAL D’ART POLLENSA, Palma de Mallorca.


56. ED. CERTAMEN BIENNAL D’ART POLLENSA, Palma de Mallorca: Pollensa city hall.