Thistledown seed in box. 200 seeds / 200 collaborations. Digital archive of photos and videos
Duration: 00:13:10

Disseminations Project requires the involvement of the public, so that they go beyond merely providing a standard mental interpretation. A hundred boxes have been arranged with their mysterious thistle flowers so that the public can experiment on the piece and create their own videos and photographs, which later can be added to the artist’s blog. Apart from inviting people to take part in this game, the initiative calls into question categories and roles: breaking away from the concept of the artist as the “navel of the world”, and offering those who visit the exhibition the chance to create work as well as disseminating this are key aspects of the project. These collaborations were shown at ArteSantander 2011 and at Milan Mia Fair 2012.


ORO.GRAFIK. Arteko Galería, ARTESANTANDER 2011. / MICRO-WORLDS. MIA Milan Image Art Fair 2012. Milan / Subvención ARTES PLASTICAS Y VISUALES, Instituto Vasco Etxepare. EJ-GV. /


“Pilar Soberon ORO-GRAFIK”. (2011). San Sebastián: Cultura y Política Lingüística Dept., EJ-GV.