He is a free and secure citizen of the world

video installation, 2 VHS video, 4 monitors and text
dimensions variable

“66… He is a free and secure citizen of the world because he is on a chain that is long enough to allow him access to all parts of the earth, and yet not so long that he could be swept over the edge of it. But simultaneously he is a free and secure citizen of Heaven as well, for he is also fettered by a similarly designed heavenly chain. So that if he heads, say, for the earth, his heavenly collar throttles him, and if he heads for Heaven, the earthly one does the same. And yet all the possibilities are open to him, as he is well aware, furthermore, he even refuses to believe the whole thing is predicated on a mistake going back to the time of the first enchainment.


10TH AUDIOVISUAL EXHIBITION. Fine Arts Faculty. Aula de Cultura BBV, Bilbao.


10TH AUDIOVISUAL EXHIBITION. Bilbao: Fine Arts Faculty, Aula de Cultura BBV.