Water sample (Deva, Oria and Quiviesa rivers), test tubes, pollen, resin, bark, lichen and intervened photograph and photography with intervention
280 x 200 x 50 cm approx

In the installation Laboratorio Vegetus (2013) I filter and distill various natural elements arranged in test tubes to raise questions about the position of humans compared to animal and vegetable beings: anthropocentrism and a questionable Darwinist classification.
Concepts and ideas are listed in Latin on the test tubes: the origin of life, its engendering power, Domicilium animae, the location of the soul or brain, or the strange etymological origin of animal that comes from anima, which is what makes us different from animals. Among the reflections captured in Laboratorio vegetus (2013) the most surprising is perhaps our inability to think about animals from the perspective of our developed societies. Strong empathy with the animal world, with life, is expressed in works like Scala naturae.


EAUX AGITÈES, 2nd Phase. Museo Aquarium San Sebastián. / DISSOLUTIO, Exhibitions Hall Kutxa Boulevard, San Sebastián /


“Tiempo entrópico Pilar Soberon. Obras 2012-2016”. (2016). San Sebastián: Cultura y Política Lingüística Dept., EJ-GV.