Photography on aluminium dibond and metacrilate
QUE LA NOCHE MITIGUE TU SER: 30 x 45 cm / NOCTURNOS I: 80 x 120 cm / NOCTURNOS III : 120 x 80 cm / NOCTURNOS IV 80 x120 cm

We are fluid and we behave as such; we are made up of 80% water and as we grow we get rid of part of it. However, as Gaston Bachelard explains, we absorb the night thanks to the water we contain. This is one of the principles that becomes latent in the project, Nocturnos (2012), in which the biological elements are fused with the poetic, and the micro-cellular aspect with the night, bringing about chance encounters.


MICRO-WORLDS, Arteko Gallery, MIA Milan Image art Fair 2012, Milan. / PLASTIC ARTS GRANT, Basque Institute Etxepare, EJ-GV. / DISSOLUTIO, Exhibitions Hall Kutxa Boulevard, San Sebastián / CONTINIUM, ARTESANTANDER 2012. Santander.


“Tiempo entrópico Pilar Soberon. Obras 2012-2016”. (2016). San Sebastián: Cultura y Política Lingüística Dept., EJ-GV.