Natura-cuerpo (Nature – body

Colour photography, 35mm film
12 images / 20 x 30 cm each piece

The series of photographs, Natura-Cuerpo, (1996) documents the intervention of twelve sculptures in the intimate space of the body –of the artists– and in the exterior space of nature –the orchard and vegetable garden at Arteleku–. A dialogue and dialectic is created between both places and the same piece flows between both of them to form a transformative vision from the intimate sphere to nature, in a continuum of being in time. These anthropomorphic pieces, fetishes modelled in intense, exotic and sensual colours, have dual associations: to the fruit of the tree of life and to desire.


UZTARO 95. Arteleku. Donostia. / ARTISTIC CREATION FELLOWSHIP in Sculpture, awarded by Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. /. Selected at BIENAL D’ ART MODERN 1996, XXVIII PREMIO JULIO ANTONIO D’ ESCULTURA. Tarragona. / / ASPECTS DE LA SEXUALITE, vus par les artistes D´aujourd hui. Tutesall au Grund, Luxemburg. (France) / REGARDS. Centre Hospitalier de Hoerdt, Estrasburgo, (France) /. HISTOIRE D` UN VOYEUR. Galeria L´Homme de bois. Honfleur, (France) and Tutesall-Luxemborurg-Grund, Honfleur, (France).


Uztaro 95 : becas de creación artística 1994-1995, San Sebastián: Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. / “Pilar Soberón ORO-GRAFIK”. (2011). San Sebastián: Dep. Cultura y Política Lingüística