Installation; photograpy and clematide seeds
dimensions variable

Intended to be included in the exhibition, Meta-illusioni (Meta-illusions), the Phylococcus installation is made up of photographs and Clematis seeds. Between both sisters we have created this slight fragile piece made of branches and filaments; as a transition from shadow to light for the exhibition space at Villa Di Donato, in Naples. Clematis makes it possible to ground dreams and fantasies of a creative future that require great effort, in its dew drops the plant gathers all the potential for change suggested by the macro-image, Aracnoworld, installed under its vegetable framework of filaments which is where the title comes from.


METAILLUSIONI, Institución Cultural Art 1307, Naples, (Italy). / PLASTIC ARTS GRANT, Basque Institute Etxepare. Cultura y Política Lingüística Dept., Gobierno Vasco.


"Meta-Illusioni" (2013). Naples: Art 13071 Cultural Institution. / “Tiempo entrópico Pilar Soberon. Obras 2012-2016”. (2016). San Sebastián: Cultura y Política Lingüística Dept., EJ-GV.