Color photography, video and drawing on monitor
30 x 40 cm e/u. 60 min. video

During the eclipse of the sun on the 14th of July 1999 together with Miren Eraso I filmed the Rezola cement factory; the powerful beams of light on the silos and the pipes activated the dream-like mechanisms that later on reinforced the Subreserva series. Rounding off the installation is a film of the crossing in front of the factory from the train each day recorded on HI8 and on the screen there is a paper drawing intervention.


IN-FLUIDO. Exhibitions Hall Torre-Luzea, Zarautz, (Gipuzkoa). / CERRADO POR OBRAS. Arteleku Cultural Center, San Sebastián


“Pilar Soberón ORO-GRAFIK”, (2011). San Sebastián: Dep. Cultura y Política Lingüística. EJ-GV.