To become

Transparent acetate and tube
70 x 45 x 5 each piece

A dozen winged silhouettes make up the work, Para llegar a ser (1995). These translucent post-natural figures, half-insect and half-human torso, include a tube and a funnel to be filled up with liquid and are shown in progress, at the stage prior to being filled. The human figures are equated with animals at the same time as the observer sees themselves reflected in these: the work represent an intersection of Bio-art, and mutant shapes that provide a vision that expresses concern about experimenting with artificial life in its time. The sculpture was selected at the XXXVI Gipuzkoa New Artists Competition 1996.


Selected at PLASTIC ARTS at the XXXVI COMPETITION FOR NEW ARTISTS of Gipuzkoa. Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Center, San Sebastián.


"Certamen de Artistas Noveles, Centro Cultural Koldo Mitxelena" San Sebastian: Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa and Fundación Kutxa.