Quartz, fluorite and video-projection
3 x 8 x 8 m approx.

The interactive video-installation Uraldia (2019), which in Basque means “rising water”, reflects on the unstoppable rise in sea levels that is modifying our coast. Formed by pieces of quartz and fluorite suspended in space and a video-screening, it was specifically created for the Nautilus exhibition hall in the San Sebastián Aquarium Museum as part of the Change the Change congress (2019) regarding the effects of climate change.
A vibrant visual and sound document in video format is screened on the mineral stones. The quartz pieces lit up by the light of the screening create blinking rays of light, and activate a kind of morse code on the stones that influence the experience and perception of the viewer through water and light.


URALDIA. CONCIENCIA LÍQUIDA. Museo Aquarium San Sebastián


Uraldia, trascendencia líquida, “Conference Proceedings CIVAE 2019”. Madrid: MusicoGuia.