6 x 6 x 2m approx.

Invernadero Vegetal is site-specific construction produced in the Ganbara Hall at the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council Koldo Mitxelena with more than 70 m³ of Clematide Vitalba for the solo exhibition, Murgilketak. Viajes de Jung (2017.

The Ganbara hall, because of its architecture and location under the roof of the Provincial Council KM building, has a gable roof and as an extension of this Invernadero vegetal (2017) was constructed; a temporary shelter formed with seeds, which is a nursery of life and a dwelling, created to experiment with the public who can wander among the shadows of this wood and its smells. The work develops from a primitive dwelling to a future shelter so that the vegetation has mutated in skin and body. This fragile social architecture aims to reflect on the relationship with nature, human existence in this and the need to coexist.


MURGILKETAK. VIAJES DE JUNG. Ganbara Exhibitions Hall KMK, Koldo Mitxelena Kultural Center, San Sebastián


“Pilar Soberón, Murgilketak. Viajes de Jung”. (2017). Texts: Javier San Martín and Pilar Soberón. San Sebastián: Koldo Mitxelena KMK