63 seeds / inhabitants

Maple seeds
70 x 100 x 7 cm

Each one of these seeds is a gesture of coexistence, as it is potentially a tree. Trees live in a community, interact with each other and feed each other through their roots, and are connected, in symbiosis, not only with other species but also with the rest of their companions.(1)
This maple seed archive 63 seeds / inhabitants was shown in the context of the town of Irun with its 63,000 inhabitants and won First Prize at the IV Askatusunarte International Art Competition held at the Oiasso Museum in Irun, (Spain).


1st Prize and exhibition at the IV ASKATASUNARTE INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITION, Museo Oiasso, Irun.


"Time, at the time of isolation” AA.VV. Naples: ART1307 Cultural Institution