Dissolutio (2014) was exhibited at the Boulevard Kutxa Foundation gallery in San Sebastián, an artistic project that emerges from the perception and discovery of nature, with concepts linked to science, biology and technology. The origins of these ideas can be found in the work, Micro-worlds (2012), and delves deeper into the concepts of cyclical time, infinite time, and time and flow. In fact, space and time are dynamic quantities and are affected by everything that occurs in the universe.

So, installations, images and videos tell the story of this constant inter-dependence with nature. For example, in the conceptual pond in Derramarse, disolverse, Morir(2014) the evaporation of water triggers the work. Likewise, experimental and participative elements are present in the seed drier, Impluvium (2014) and the territorialization of space through the limits of the body itself, in Disseminations (2012).

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