In the trans-disciplinary laboratory, Aguas Turbulentas, directed by Nekane Aramburu at the Aquarium Museum in San Sebastián, in its second phase work was presented by international artists, Fabiana Barredo, Begoña Egurbide, Francisco Ruiz de Infante and Pilar Soberón that intervened in the museum space. The special ecosystem in the Aquarium made it possible to link art and science to new forms of communication, and offered visitors a new way to interact with art and society in which artists, scientists and technicians joined together with visitors.

The installation that was staged, Laboratorio Vegetus (2013), filters and distills various concepts through natural elements arrranged in test tubes to raise questions about our place among “animate” beings. Pollen, lichen, pine seeds and water samples form “organisms” that raise fundamental questions for human beings, like Vita-Constientia-Mors, elements that in the experimental laboratory construct a sterile micro-universe controlled by mankind and shake our conscience.

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