Ur Agitées is a transdisciplinary project that explores the relations between artistic creation and heritage sites based on the link between artists, scientists and specialists, open to interaction with users and visitors during a two-year period. Directed by Nekane Aramburu, Juan Aizpitarte, Fabiana Barreda, Jon Cazenave, Marisa González, Francisco Ruíz de Infante and Pilar Soberón took part.

During winter 2012 I began a period as an artist in residence at the Aquarium Museum as a Plein-Air painter of the life contained behind glass, without looking. With the movement of the place she automatically captured the animals and spaces kept there, tiger sharks, mangroves, marine skeletons… giving rise to later interventions in the museum. In this way, a mural drawing of seeds was created with the visitors which depicted scenes of coexistence, love and struggle between sharks as in Shark Fight (2012). With drawing as a leitmotiv, delicate drawings were shown in glass cases, Trilobitae monstruosus (2012), held in place by pins in the entomologist’s display case and numbered like extinct species in the fossil display case. On the sea in the large display cabinet I drew Plen-air (2012), an artistic intervention in collaboration with children from the city.

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