In the Aeolia exhibition at the Vanguardia Gallery in Bilbao there were some surprising installations, photographs and a piece produced in collaboration with a participative public. The works aim to create a sense of movement, as Gaston Bachelard made clear, “mobility is the characteristic richness of the weightless substance”. Aeolia instalación (2010) was created with maple seeds, in which four hundred Aeolias seemed to float in space, like a moving line, a vital flow that enshrouded the space, and thereby the visitor as well.
In turn, performances and ephemeral actions were staged of which the only traces left are the series of photographs, Galápagos and Basoan Zehar. The need to experiment with new artistic media, to blur the role of the artist as the sole creator, and to encourage collaboration with the public leads to works like Aeolia 100 Colaboraciones so that the work transcends the exhibition space itself and opens up to collaborations.

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