The exhibition, In-fluido, was held at the Dorre Luzea gallery in Zarautz, with fluidity and lightness as means of investigating the relationship between human beings and their surroundings, the influence of the industrialised environment and the ways of life resulting from this; from an interdisciplinary perspective, with installations, video and drawing as inter-related media.
As a result, inside this sandstone tower In-fluido was installed, a portable backlit drawing, which rotated in a large paper tent. The drawing alluded to the silos module at the Rezola factory that the entire exhibition was based on, and the relationship of human beings with machines and vice-versa. The video recording stands out of the daily train crossing by Rezola which reinforces the work, Ciudad dormitorio. Se alquilan habitaciones, and the participative mural created by visitors entitled Ciudad vegetal.

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