Zeharkatzen/ Crossing Limits was shown at the Bastero Cultural Centre in Andoain (Guipuzkoa.) Curated by Ainara Martín, this was an exhibition to explore the limits of the physical world in general, of architectural space, of the body as a physical entity, as well as the limits of the intangible, sound, light, form… Bidalketa-envío was carried out as an experimental proposal: sending out more than a hundred sculptures, replicas of sculptures to interact with and form an archive with all the collaborations for the exhibition in Bastero.

The exhibition focused on different techniques and languages and avoided the final result in order to especially try to get the public to participate as an element that provides it with its existence. So it blends together photographs, installations, video-creations, drawings and sounds created not only to trigger and cause reactions in human beings, but also to explore the boundaries of the exhibition space as an experimental testing ground for new forms of communication.

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