The Uztaro 95 group exhibition showed the projects launched after benefiting from the Artistic Creation grants 1994-1995 provided by Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. The exhibition, Uztaro 95 Aranburu, Carcedo, Muniategiandikoetexa, San Martín & Soberon, was held in the Arteleku Art Centre in Donostia.

In particular, my sculpture project focused on a metamorphosis of the individual with the concepts of lightness, fluidity, multiplicity, process and action. Making use of a series of sculptures in latex, wax and natural materials, as appendages of my own body, I carried out actions, performances and land art pieces in open spaces around the Leitzaran valley, Plazaola and Zubieta; with installations among trees as observation posts in the Metamorfosis series or actions of walking in the sky with De un talonazo, or the small series of scultptures, Natura-cuerpo (1995) installed between my body and nature.

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