The Murgilketak. Viajes de Jung exhibition curated by Ana Salaberria was held in the Ganbara hall at the Centro Cultural Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre from the 22nd of November 2017 to the 19th of January 2018 in San Sebastián. A site-specific work of art, produced under the roof of this Gipuzkoa Provincial Council building, of more than 70 cubic metres of seeds stood out.

The exhibition proposed to delve into the sphere of the unfathomable, with fragility and volatility as tools: bringing up ancient myths buried in the human psyche and reconnecting the individual and collective unconscious forged over millions of years of animal and human life that we have inscribed in our memory according to Carl Jung and that, to a certain extent, pervades all humanity.

In the exhibition the essential elements in life could be found: light and water. Light that could be seen from the greenhouses like a monument to the sun in Stand by fields, making the world of the earth and regeneration ring out; and water through the images captured from a bridge in Viajes de Jung, in this nocturnal journey to the underworld, to the unconscious, through inverted images of the sky and water.

Then, in Invernadero Vegetal a large-scale construction developed from a shelter to a primitive dwelling, so that this had been transformed and the vegetation had mutated in its skin. This same translucent space provided a glimpse of the final stage of the exhibition: water with its life in a process of emanation and everything that happens in this.

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