The exhibition, Alderanzteak. Disertaciones en el espacio, curated by Ana Salaverria, was held at the Vanguardia Gallery in Bilbao. The exhibition explored the inversion of space and time as a way of discovering the sensible world through sculptures, installations, photography, video and drawing.
With rotated, upside-down images of the sky and water, a passage was begun through the ephemeral that delved into the collective unconscious, like in the photograph, Andar a tientas en el espacio incierto- Fumbling around in the uncertain space (2018). Images of a river in the sky, as opposed to the image of a fragile lit-up hut, capture moments that clearly show our transient nature and the need to return to a harmonious relationship with nature.
Understanding this to be an extension of being, actions and events are shown in the snow-covered landscape, in the installation, Disertar, (2018) the ephemeral is not time but its vibration perceived by the senses. Finally, in the celestial darkness, like a starry night, about thirty blue sculptures that seem to float in the air form part of Gran Inversión (2018); the pieces shine, lit up by a screening of a fixed image and with their disturbing shadows capture forms of the past.

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