The collective exhibition, Paisairen murmurioa / Cuando el paisaje habla (2015) organised by the Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre in San Sebastián and curated by Ana Salaverria showed a vision of Nature as a locus amoenus, as wild romantic nature, and as locus horrendus, that is sometimes all-consuming, through its dark, disturbing and unexplored aspects. Iranzu Antona, María Cueto, Arantxa Guereño, Álvaro Matxinbarrena, Pilar Soberón, Jaime de los Ríos, Unai San Martín, Iñigo Royo, and Gentz del Valle took part in the exhibition.

Natura, personally, is a reflection on human beings as well as being the place where my artistic processes emerge in sync with the surroundings: as can be seen in photographs and installations. The mural drawing Isotropía (2015) was created in-situ in the hall and captured the negative space of a snow-covered landscape. As a result, by observing natural phenomena like in the work, Bosque isotrópico, (2015) time stops in the analysis of the fragile process of the thaw; so that the series of events, phenomena and forces that make up the universe are revealed in a slow process, the form is transformed and seems to show the atomic quality of water.

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