The exhibition, Hodei putzua. Vertical garden (2019), curated by Helena Elbusto was held at the Menchu Gal Museum in Irún; a creative process that is the result of a painstaking sustainable task of gathering natural elements, and an artistic activity linked to the space and time in which the work of art is set.

The exhibition presented previously unseen works like Bosque Isotrópico, salix caprea (2019), a photo mosaic of more than 80 pieces that flow in space, a work that progresses and develops nurtured by the sun and sap, and geometry and disorder, –as Javier San Martín says in the catalogue– as against Hodei putzua. Pozo de nubes, a circular image that attracts attention by bringing the movement in the room to a climax

In the museum, just like in a nursery of dreams in the shadows, Jardín vertical and Elysium planitia (2019) emerged, turning this place into a living workshop; together with these works the map of Oxi (2019) was unfolded, a photographic work with a drawing and amethyst.

Establishing a dialogue with the physical space of the Palacio Urdanibia, the installation, Inanna-Ishtar, was set up with strips of white and blue alabaster, from the space between the floor and the wall, including the screening of Sobre el filo (2019) a recording of a performance in nature. In this way, actions, performances and land-art works created in nature return to the museum to remind us of the fundamental importance and fragile situation of the Earth.

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